Sildenafil Citrate Alternatives for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

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Is it possible to get a drug that could provide the same effects that Viagra provide without any side effect? In as much as there are other male enhancers sold in the market, they have the tendency of interfering with other medications. Importantly, it is advisable to consult your doctor before the intake of any of the listed alternative to Viagra.


DHEA is a common natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. For most men, a contributing factor to their inability to perform sexually is linked to low testosterone levels. Nevertheless, the use of DHEA helps in creating the needed testosterone for those suffering this issue. DHEA is said to produce estrogen, however, this is dependent on how the body responds. Many men use this potent Viagra alternative today.

Horny Goat Weed

Today, there are varieties of herbs in the market with all-natural Viagra supplements. Most of these components have the horny goat weed as part of their ingredient. This weed contains “icariin”, which responds the same way as Viagra. There hasn’t been any proof of it minimizing impotence symptoms but it is worth trying as a Viagra alternative.

Gingko Bilboa

Though Gingko Bilboa is not used frequently, it still provides an alternative for men suffering erectile dysfunction because of antidepressant usage. Some research has discovered that it is effective while other prove it ineffective in duplicating the same result as Viagra.


Ginseng therapy has been used in treating erectile dysfunction for years. Though many clinical studies have shown the effect of this Viagra alternative, however, the results are inconclusive. While experts aren’t sure of how the body responds when using ginseng, people may experience certain side effects or allergic reactions.


Besides the use of DHEA as a common means of treating erectile dysfunction, another way is by using a high level of L-arginine. This amino acid is found in the food we eat today, used in diets, and help in shrinking the blood vessels. L-arginine produces nitric oxide; however, it can contract the blood vessels in the circulatory system. If you have a heart condition, it is important to not use this Viagra alternative unless under the permission of a doctor.


For people facing many health issues, it may be hard to treat erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless, studies have shown that pomegranate is helpful. It contains numerous health benefits with no medication interactions or side effects. Pomegranate is a common therapy used for erectile dysfunction through juice consumption. Though clinically pomegranates haven’t proven to effectively treat erectile dysfunction but it is worth trying considering the minimal health risks it possesses.


Recently, Yohimbe has become popular as a natural supplement, which can replicate what Viagra can do. However, there is a limited availability of this herb in the United State. While there are unrefined herbs sold over the counter, the side effects are bothersome. You may experience some side effects such as jitters, headaches, and panic attacks. Most people don’t consider Yohimbe a Viagra alternative to treat erectile dysfunction.

How to make the right choice

Today, the market is flooded with different Viagra alternative. Nevertheless, these alternatives won’t provide the all needed result, there is a need for you to make good exercise and good eating choices.

Having a healthy diet will help in improving your erectile dysfunction symptoms in a long-term while improving sleep. Furthermore, daily exercise can also help in reducing any problem associated with sexual health. Finally, if you have erectile dysfunction, you are not the only one with this condition. If you are in a relationship, there is no need to be anxious, be calm, and stay caring for your partner. Doing this can go a long way and be as powerful as the different Viagra alternatives available in the health sector.