The Institute for Palliative Medicine (IPM) Overview

The Institute for Palliative Medicine (IPM) at San Diego Hospice is committed to relieving suffering by improving the quality and accessibility of palliative care.

San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine was established as the original hospice program in San Diego County in 1977. Today, the organization is one of the largest hospice and palliative care programs in the United States. More than 800 hospice staff and 600 volunteers annually care for over 4,000 adult and pediatric patients and their families, as well as more than 12,000 bereaved clients.

“Better training for better end-of-life care” , to listen to PBS Marketplace radio broadcast.

The Institute for Palliative Medicine (IPM) faculty members serve on the Hospice interdisciplinary teams, facilitating the transfer of critical knowledge between academic and clinical settings. IPM formally known as the Center for Palliative Studies was established in 1989. For over 20 years, IPM has achieved international recognition for its innovative education programs, patient/family-centered research and evidence-based advocacy.

IPM advances the art and science of palliative care through the work of its centers and programs.

IPM is a teaching and research affiliate of the University of California San Diego, San Diego State University and the University of San Diego.


Center for Advanced Learning :

This Center trains health, social service, and mental health professionals in the principles and practice of palliative care.

Palliative Medicine Fellowship Program :

This one-year program is the largest palliative medicine fellowship program in North America.

Center for Research :

This Center conducts interdisciplinary research on novel approaches to palliative care and professional education.

International Programs :

The IPM International Programs help countries and healthcare systems build palliative care programs that fit with their expressed needs, available resources, and cultural values.

Psychiatry Care Programs :

In its commitment to innovation in the relief of suffering, IPM is home to one of the country’s first palliative care psychiatry programs.

The Center for Grief Care and Education :

Understanding the societal and health implications of unresolved grief, The Center for Grief Care and Education (CGCE) addresses both the clinical needs of the bereaved and the educational needs of the health care community.