Buyers Guide against fake and Cheap Sildenafil Citrate Online

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Recently, the black market has been filled with unlicensed and illegal medications, which some seller offers discounts or free sample for those buying for the first time. Among these medications is Kamagra, which can be purchased without doctor’s prescription in India. While in the UK, it is not sold legally, however, a sizable number of people still have access to this drug. Such individuals do not use the right channels with other necessary checks to ascertain the genuineness of their condition. Taking the pill without the prescription of a doctor puts the health of the individual at risk.

Counterfeit sildenafil citrate

Most country faces the challenges of counterfeited drugs. Most times, you will see websites selling these cheap sildenafil citrate online while offering free sample and discount to buyers. These counterfeited drugs are produced under uncontrolled or unsupervised conditions. They do possess certain harmful substances because they haven’t been subjected to relevant testing

How to avoid buying fake cheap sildenafil citrate online

People who don’t take a prescription from doctors are more likely to be a victim of fake cheap sildenafil citrate online. Most of them indulge in this because they want to keep their condition secret. However, though the market is flooded with different sildenafil citrate medications, you can still differentiate between the original Viagra from other imitations.

The sildenafil citrate tablets have

  • A blue color
  • Contain the inscription “VGR” followed by the particular dosage engraved on one side
  • A diamond shape
  • Contains the official “Pfizer” logo
  • A Pfizer hologram
  • Each pack has four tablets
  • The box has braille inscription on it.

However, if you buy any sildenafil citrate online with one of the following below, it means it is fake.

  • Has different shape or color
  • Doesn’t come with a blister pack
  • Come in dosage different from those mentioned
  • Has flavors

The Dangers of buying Cheap sildenafil citrate Online

For most people who want to treat erectile dysfunction, the cost is a major issue confronting them. The price of sildenafil citrate varies because it is registered drug, which isn’t cheap. This is one reason why you should be cautious when you consider buying cheap sildenafil citrate online. Also, avoid most sites that offer the drug at a discounted price.

The best part of buying erectile dysfunction pills is considering your own safety. Drugs for treating erectile dysfunction aren’t sold over the counter or without the prescription of a doctor in most areas because of the danger it poses if wrongly used.

Even when it had to do with sildenafil citrate Connect, which is not a prescription medication, you will undergo certain screening by the pharmacists concerning your health history. If your health history has certain conditions related to the heart, taking these medications may be dangerous to your overall health. Notwithstanding, people are becoming conscious of the different pitfalls regarding online pharmacy frauds.

Where can one buy sildenafil citrate safely?

Buying sildenafil citrate online comes with its danger, which is why you have to be wary of websites that offer cheap sildenafil citrate online at discounted prices. Also, watch out for free samples or complimentary trials by these online stores. On the other hand, you can buy sildenafil citrate or other erectile dysfunction medication online safety. Before buying, ensure the website is genuine with the drug having the trademark of Pfizer.

The importance of sildenafil citrate as a prescription drug

sildenafil citrate is not sold on the counter because when used wrongly, may create bigger health complications. Using sildenafil citrate without prescription itself can result in different side effects. The main ingredient – Sildenafil can interact with certain medications. Before taking the drug, ensure a doctor verify your suitability to assess sildenafil citrate. For instance, a patient with high blood pressure may pass out after using sildenafil citrate. Aside from this, sildenafil citrate also interacts with angina treatments, which can be dangerous to your health.

About 70 percent of people suffering from erectile dysfunction have been connected to other health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Many men could have resulted to using sildenafil citrate in an unhealthy manner, however, because of the prescription barrier; this has helped in protecting their overall health. Going through the consultation process before buying sildenafil citrate is important because it can help pinpoint severe health issues of the individual that should be addressed.  Furthermore, in addressing these health issues, one can reverse the erectile dysfunction situation without using any medication in the future.