The Best Place to Buy Sildenafil citrate: Online or Physical Store

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There are countless online sites where you will find offers for the purchase of sildenafil citrate online. However, the purchase of generic sildenafil citrate online requires a minimum of security protocols. You have the Medical Products of the WHO Guide and the Internet, which offer useful tips for finding the best places to buy medicines online. These are some recommendations following the protocols of the WHO:

Check the source: The Internet is a broad universe of pharmaceutical information. However, you must verify the information from the information source. Even more so when the sale of a drug likes sildenafil citrate is offered. Look at the Trust Pharmacy case at, they identify themselves as World Famous Pharmacy, which indicates that they are a large international pharmaceutical company. Despite this, when we consult about your contact record we find the following:

TrustPharmacy uses as registered contact “eweb Development Inc” and not a pharmaceutical company. What should alert us about the existence or not of a real pharmaceutical behind online pharmaceutics.

Use search engines: a very efficient alternative is . Enter the website data that sildenafil citrate offers you online and observe the consistency of the data. Search engines like can provide you with comprehensive information about your provider. You are presented with the Domain Availability Checker where you will find exhaustive data of the website you are investigating: It may seem complicated, but it is very simple. Just look for inconsistencies.

Observe that the data of your online pharmacy is consistent: an interesting strategy is to place the phone number in the Google search. This way you will get the information that the contact phone gives to a specific user. If there are inconsistencies, do not hesitate. Find another provider.

Use Google Maps: enter the name of the online pharmacy you choose in the Google Maps search engine. In the TrustPharmacy example, we did not find the address of the physical store. Only the domain administrator address eWeb Development Inc. In our concept that generates suspicion.

Identify the certification of your online pharmacy within the country where you are located: in the TrustPharmacy example, we find that you have the support of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). However, CIPA has faced charges of pharmaceutical fraud in the United States after an investigation conducted by the FDA. Since 2010, CIPA has been the guarantor of Google as the best official verifier in Canada for pharmaceutical products marketed online. But in 2012 this endorsement was withdrawn. So, in terms of certifications, even things are not clear. And this is valid for the universe of online pharmacies around the world. In any case, check the health permits of the country where the online pharmacy of your choice resides.

Buy sildenafil citrate with only one prescription: Do not get tired of insisting on this just buy sildenafil citrate online by prescription and in pharmacies with a physical store that requires the presentation of the prescription.

Do not buy sildenafil citrate from providers in non-pharmaceutical commercial portals: it is imperative, only online pharmacies certified by the host country, backed by official health institutions in your country that have a physical stores and verified by you can be reliable for the purchase of generic sildenafil citrate online.

Take your time: Time is your best ally, investigate before making a decision.